Our school day is from 8:45am to 3:15pm (3:20pm for Years 5 and 6) Themed After School Clubs finish at 4:20pm Wrap around care is available from 7:45am-8:45am and 3:20pm-5pm Monday to Friday Year 5.6 will be swimming every Monday this half term, from the 12th September.

School Council

Hello, we are the School Council.
We have meetings at least every half term to discuss current issues.  Each class has a representative, who are voted for by their peers.  This helps us to learn about democracy and British Values.

Greenhead Primary School Council Agenda 


  • Welcome Mr Glenton 

  • Give thanks to the council 

  • Roles/qualities of the school council (pupil voice, good listener, good role model) 

  • School improvements ‘better school requests’ What have we achieved? 

  • Any other suggestions/requests for making Greenhead greater? 

Next task: Ask the Council to speak to children on the yard to ask parents to donate any old school uniform they have. Older children to help draw up a letter to parents asking for donations. Set up/arrange a preloved school uniform on front green for parents to take what they need. 

NSPCC - Organise a charity event.  

DONM – June 2022