Our school day is 8:45am - 3:15pm (3:20pm for Years 5 and 6). School clubs finish at 4:20pm. Wrap around care is available from 7:45am-8:45am Monday to Friday and 3:20pm-4.30pm Monday to Thursday. Year 5 and 6 swimming lessons in Spring 2 2024.

Eco Council

Hello! We are the Eco Council and we work together to make our school a greener, healthier and environmentally friendly place.

See below for what we discuss at our meetings and other activities we have arranged.


Eco Schools Meeting  Thursday 24th March 


Welcome - Give thanks. Introductions 

What we are about: Awards. School role models and eco ambassadors. Termly tasks 

1st termly task – organise a school litter pick 

DONM: May 2022 


Eco Schools Meeting - 3rd May 


Welcome: Give thanks – Successful litter pick. 5 full bags rubbish. See Facebook page for photos. Successful community litter pick. 

Eco councillors to keep a close eye on the litter situation within the school grounds and Greenhead 

What we are about reminder: Awards. School role models and eco ambassadors. Leading the way for a better earth/home/place to live 


Fraser and Phoebe have both expressed use of recycling bins. Mr Glenton has been informed by school council re recycling bins and this is work-in progress. Mr Whittle our caretaker has a list of what needs to go in which bin from NCC. Eco council to monitor once the recycling bins are in place 

2nd termly task: – organise a school battery hunt. Eco councillors to give out battery boxes and to encourage recycling of batteries