Teacher Training Days Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th September. We are looking forward to welcoming children back on Wednesday 7th September. Year 5.6 will be swimming every Monday this half term, from the 12th September.

Home school learning resources

We want to support our families in these strange and unsettling times. On this page you will find free resources and websites offered by educational providers to support home schooling.
We do not expect parents to be teachers to their child but to support the learning tasks set by the class teachers. We realise that there can be a lot of pressure on IT equipment and demands of family life and different aged children, as well as the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on daily life. However, doing something is better than doing nothing. We have to stress that the school closure during term time is not extra holiday for the children and that it is important that learning activities are undertaken.
 Activities such as baking, gardening, bug hunts, obstacle courses and crafts are all valuable examples of learning activities