Our school day is from 8:45am to 3:15pm (3:20pm for Years 5 and 6) Themed After School Clubs finish at 4:20pm Wrap around care is available from 7:45am-8:45am and 3:20pm-5pm Monday to Friday Year 5.6 will be swimming every Monday this half term, from the 12th September.

esafety policy

As children use the internet more and more it is becoming increasingly important to ensure that they know how to stay safe from its potential dangers. We have a comprehensive E-Safety Policy to support this. Just like a swimming pool or a road, we know that the internet can be a dangerous place, but we don't stop the children using them; we teach them how to use it safely. E-Safety is an integral part of our ICT curriculum and is addressed during most ICT lessons as well as during specific E-Safety lessons and through assemblies.
Parents can find out more about E-Safety and use a range of online resources to support children in using the internet safely.  Try the resources below.
In December 2015 'ThinkUKnow' released a new version of their website for parents that is full of information about how to protect children on line.
The NSPCC has recently (2015) released their 'Share Aware' campaign that helps educate about how to stay safe online.
Check out this useful website from Tigermobile about how parents can protect their children on their smartphones.
NSPCC's Net Aware is a great website to visit to check out safety information about a range of different apps and programs that your child may be using.
Vodafone Digital Parenting Magazine
KIDREX is a good place for children to search the internet safely.
DINOPASS helps children create safe passwords for themselves.
Please see our acceptable user policy below which every child in school received in the Autumn Term.